Cryolipolysis - Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing Newport, Cryolipolysis Newport, Caviation Newport

Among all the different methods of fat reduction, Cryolipolysis or commonly known as Fat Freezing, is one of the most effective and non-invasive treatments that allows you to reduce fat in the areas you want, with no down-time at all.

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) targets fat cells, which are more sensitive to cooling than other cells of the skin and tissue. After the fat cells are frozen, they get broken down and are eliminated like other body waste products. We freeze the area to -7 which gives you the desired reults.

The treatment takes 20 mins and areas that can be treated include the Abdomen area, Love Handles, Inner & Outer Thighs, Arms, Back, Male Chest Area, etc

Our clinic uses the newest advanced Cryolipolysis system that has a pulsating suction which increases the lymphatic drainage and metabolism, and with the use of 2 applicators, we are able to treat 2 areas at the same time, leading to more efficient and better results.

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Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
20 mins

Back to work

None required

Sensitivity period
1 - 5 days estimated

No. of treatments
1 - 3 per area*

2 - 16 weeks*

Full recovery

Results duration

Potential risks
Light bruising, tight skin

1 Treatment/Area £69
2 Treatments/Area £129
4 Treatments/Area £249
6 Treatments/Area £329
8 Treatments/Area £499 + Free Treatment

Disclaimer - Results may vary per person *